I used to be so emo…

My baby took me to Panera and to see Red Dawn tonight <3 Whatta cutie pie :)

But now I have seen clearly. Nothing is infinite and I can only rely on myself. I’m tired. I can’t keep holding on. We both know what’s best; it’s time to move along and at the end of the day, we’ll make it out alright. what we had was worth it, the golden, the sleepless nights.

"I’m going to take the time to remind you when you act like this, I despise you. I wrote this to let you know I’m going to use this time to forget you, ‘cause I wish that I never met you. I wrote this to let you know that I’m better off on my own. This was never my plan but I hope that we could become friends it wasn’t you, it was me, I’ll take the blame. Well you can go back to hell every word you say was a lie, I can tell It wasn’t me, it was you, so here’s the blame as a song in your name."

You know I loved you more.

You and I were meant to be the glue that held the world together.

You say that you care, but I’m calling your bluff because I once was in love, but loves fucking blind.

I’m supposed to be doing my accunting hw…but it’s online and so is tumblr and I’d much rather be on here….

I cant make you love me when you don’t.

Holy shit, looking through all my pictures on my laptop is so, wow, not even friends with some of the people in my pictures anymore and the pictures with ex’s and old convos are just so weird. This isn’t even sad, just really weird…

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you.

Lol I hope he gets up early tomorrow so I can come over.

The thirst I just experienced, he was literally begging me to be friends with benefits, no honey boo boo.

Can I be depressing for like a second?

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